Oiza Shola

/ Assistant Head TLRF Warrior Support Program

By day, Oiza is an administrative executive, and by night, she's an infinite number of possibilities, depending on what she's writing. A Microbiologist by training, but with a gift for writing, she enjoys weaving words like an artist uses a brush for expression.

Having Lupus might have caused her to slow down, but that has not been a setback. Instead, it helps her focus on the important things of a healthy life, a good support system, and helping others. Being a Lupus warrior has also opened her eyes to the hidden and sometimes unknown pains and struggles that people have to deal with. It is for these and more than she seeks to help other warriors.
Oiza has many other passions, but reading, music, dance, and shopping really make her. Oiza  provides counsel to support and direct specific projects for the foundation