I’m in my early 30’s. Lupus started in March 2015.we didn’t know what it was until August of the same year.my lupus symptoms have been majorly centered on my skin with some lesions that leave my entire body scarred. Although pains in my wrists were the symptoms I experienced at the onset, which made doctors diagnose me for osteoporosis.living with lupus hasn’t been easy in any way, it has changed my life a whole lot, I was diagnosed seven months after I got married and one can’t begin to imagine how that affected me physically, emotionally and mentally.

I struggled with accepting the disease for a very long time, and I still do.but I’ve got a family that has been overly supportive, they are the reason I pulled through the most painful times. I’ve decided to live my life in the best way I can, not letting living with lupus define who I really am.I’ve my own foundation which I’m trying to build for lupus support and awareness, I am also a member of the lupus refuge and been a part of lupus will say, is one of the best things I’ve experienced since being diagnosed with lupus.

I use to think I was the only one with the condition but the lupus refuge taught me otherwise, meeting young and strong women that understands exactly what I’m going through gives me a lot of courage and strength.