I’m married with two beautiful kids, with a nine years old son and a seven years old daughter. My family means everything to me as they have been my rock through these trying times. Excited to turn 40 in a few days. I was diagnosed with discoid lupus in August 2016 after having a lesion on my left arm and another on my scalp for over a year.

I had to ask my doctor questions because I got tired easily, body and joint pains, unexplainable weight loss and three miscarriages. I was asked to run more tests and was diagnosed with SLE. I was downcast, I had never heard of lupus till I was diagnosed. God is ever Faithful with positive influences, hope came alive, I started regaining strength and living life normally despite lupus.

Last year, my sister linked me with Toluwanimi after reading her story. We got in touch and it’s been soothing knowing her and my sisters in The Lupus Refuge as we draw strength from each other, pray for each other and laugh together ( can’t get over the Hair loss gang gist ). Surely, there is hope for us and we shall triumph.